The incredible adventures of Cinnamon Girl

Last year (2016) I was Incredibly honored to be asked to create a poster for Houghton Library. It was part of their 'library Hacks' project where a group of teenagers work on projects for the community in the library. They had won a competition to invite a local artist to produce a movie style poster for Melissa... Continue Reading →

Delving into the past

Hi, This is one of my first blog posts and i'd like to start by showing some of my past art works so you can see my progression and various styles. Firstly I would like to share my passion for cute or 'Kawaii' culture which for me comes from a love of cartoons from my... Continue Reading →

Smokey Drawings

I love drawing smokey, She was the greatest cat I have ever met. She Died at the age of 20 but had a wonderful life. She was my husbands cat and he brought her with him when we moved in together. He can tell you many funny stories about her life and I hopefully will... Continue Reading →

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