A day in Mesopotamia (avant-garde poem)

Two sides of the same coin. The same side of two different coins. Scorpions emerging from coins granting the gift of wealth. A labyrinth contained within the engraved image on a shiny metal round. It is said that a grieving Minotaur dwells within. Fire coins, causer of chaos! Fierce and proud! Stands guard at the pearly gates.

Immaculate queen, use your flame thrower to burn their wheat fields, take revenge for their pitiful sacrifice. Liquid coins. Old man Zeus, fishing with blood. A thousand hands grabbing for the viscous liquid. Their hands like fish in a barrel, stuck in purgatory for all of time.

Saturn hangs in a dark sky contemplating the stars. A head on a pike emerges from the universes mists, A pathetic creature being re-made to fit in where she doesn’t belong. A rams head adorned with the treasures of the Gods. Dripping in riches, a tribal sigil for a corrupted underworld, a long deserted shrine.

In an ocean lost in time, a giant squid battles a giant crab, a clash of titans, an epic collision between good and evil. Without each other neither would have purpose. Deeper under the ocean in a sunken city a statue of a bull, once a representation of power and cornucopia, ages and decays. The reticence of duality and balance amongst other secrets of the universe are contained within two identical jars, slowly being covered with the detritus of time.

We appear as reflections in a stream and thats where she stands. In long black hooded robes she stands with her arms stretched out and in her hands each lovers head dripping blood into the cool water. The stream takes us to a lake where the old man is fishing with a bow and arrow. He fires a lightning bolt straight and true and skewers two golden fish at the same time. He stood up proudly in his small wooden boat and proclaimed Today is my lucky day!


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