My obsession with Kawaii (Part 1)

These illustrations show a just a small amount of characters I have created, mostly in doodle form. I Love drawing happy colourful creatures. I definitely have two definitive sides to my personality like the yin/yang symbol. The kawaii and happy side and the dark and gothic side (which I will talk about in my future posts).My inspiration comes from my wonderful pets, my Guineapigs, Peckles the budgie, and my cats. I love animals and find great joy in drawing them. To anthropomorphise animals and objects is a big part of the Kawaii style. Giving them clothes, larger eyes and human attributes. I think its quite natural for humans to anthropomorphise animals, however it can be dangerous to do so in ‘real life’, thats why I take extra care to understand the natural behaviours of all my pets and let them be themselves.

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