Delving into the past

Hi, This is one of my first blog posts and i’d like to start by showing some of my past art works so you can see my progression and various styles. Firstly I would like to share my passion for cute or ‘Kawaii’ culture which for me comes from a love of cartoons from my childhood. I have always loved the bright colours and cute faces of various characters. A character which sums up the kawaii style Im drawn to is Hello Kitty. Kitty is a white cat who has such a simple face with large eyes and a yellow button nose. The lack of a mouth allows for the viewer to project their own feelings on to the character. Kitty usually is dressed in bright primary coloured dungarees reminiscent of childhood and playful times outdoors, having fun with friends and not worrying about getting mucky playing in the dirt, catching frogs and climbing trees. I feel a sense of nostalgia and the freedom of childhood before adult responsibilities take over.

There are thousands of characters which follow the kawaii style of kitty, especially Japanese characters and these characters and style influence my cartoon style illustrations. I love to draw colourful characters with oversize heads and eyes and i base a lot of my characters on my wonderful pets who i care deeply for.

These images show some of my packaging collection. I have collected Japanese style characters for many years. I try to collect more unusual items mainly sweets. I tend to choose packaging which features bright colours and kawaii characters. I use the packaging to inspire my style and sometimes incorporate it in my work. I displayed my collection at Ashburne Art library (where i used to work) and it proved very popular, especially with asian students who commented that it reminded them of their childhood and induced happy feelings, which is what kawaii is all about for me.

I have a vast collection of Kawaii items including tiny figures, Pop culture Art toys, keyrings and books. I will post more about this in the future. I am also planning on writing a book about my collections with the hope that it will catalogue my items and inspire others while also discussing some of the reasons people collect and the collection of Kawaii items in particular.

Well, that’s my first post, hope you enjoyed reading it and please watch out for much more to come  *(^-^)*

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