A poem

This is a poem for my cousin Daniel who tragically passed away at age 31 from complications relating to epilepsy: A rainy day in summer time. The heavens opened to accept a child I spread my wings, I've been set free Life was just to much for me Remember when we ran and played Our... Continue Reading →

A day in Mesopotamia (avant-garde poem)

Two sides of the same coin. The same side of two different coins. Scorpions emerging from coins granting the gift of wealth. A labyrinth contained within the engraved image on a shiny metal round. It is said that a grieving Minotaur dwells within. Fire coins, causer of chaos! Fierce and proud! Stands guard at the... Continue Reading →

A comment on being trapped in a physical body and space. Confined and restricted by the physical. If you look beyond you can fly free.


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