A day in Mesopotamia (avant-garde poem)

Two sides of the same coin. The same side of two different coins. Scorpions emerging from coins granting the gift of wealth. A labyrinth contained within the engraved image on a shiny metal round. It is said that a grieving Minotaur dwells within. Fire coins, causer of chaos! Fierce and proud! Stands guard at the... Continue Reading →

A comment on being trapped in a physical body and space. Confined and restricted by the physical. If you look beyond you can fly free.

I find that writing and drawing help me deal with my depression. It doesn't matter whether I'm good or not.

Spectral Visions (part 1)

In 2015 I was lucky enough to start working for Spectral Visions. "Spectral Visions Press specialises in publishing outstanding works of creative writing, niche pieces, and writing concerned with, and inspired by, Gothic literature and Gothic studies." I work mainly with academics and students from University of Sunderland. After receiving submitted short stories and poetry... Continue Reading →


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